Aw Yeah Comics MAIN HEROES

ACTION CAT/CORNELIUS: our hero and Super Hero of Beautiful Downtown Skokie! (BDS) and partners with Adventure Bug. By day as Cornelius, he works at the comic shop AW YEAH COMICS! He works alongside Alowicius and Hammond. AC doesn’t know Hammond is secretly Awesome Bear. AC is in love with the female Action Cat whom he calls Adorable Cat. Yet he doesn’t know her secret ID either. However, he dislikes Alice the delivery girl.(Adorable Cat). AC’s Origin is untold. AC flies, has super strength, super speed, enhanced eye-site, hearing, etc. if need be. Created by Art Baltazar and Franco.

ADVENTURE BUG/ALOWICIUS: Our Hero of beautiful Downtown Skokie and partners with Action Cat! By day, as Alowicius, he also works at AW YEAH COMICS comic shop with Cornelius. AB doesn’t know Hammond’s secretly Awesome Bear. AB is the sillier one of the duo. He dislikes that his partner AC loves Adorable Cat. AB also can’t stand Shelly. She gives him the creeps and finds her annoying. AB’s origin is untold. AB flies, has super strength, super speed, enhanced eye-site, hearing, etc. if need be. Created by Art Baltazar and Franco

AWESOME BEAR/HAMMOND: owner manager of AW YEAH COMICS! Doesn’t know his employees are really Action Cat and Adventure Bug. But he may have suspicions. He thinks Alice is awesome and can’t wait to see her when she brings comics to him every Wednesday! Hammond got his powers from touching the Rhumbl Ruby Rock (much like the Juggernaut did). In his spare time, Hammond likes to explore and search for the Goojie-Nana. When he explores, he is likes to wear his safari vest, handkerchief, and Indy fedora. It’s true. Created by Art Baltazar and Franco and Marc Hammond

ACTION CAT/ADORABLE CAT/ALICE: Super speed! Strength! Flight! Savior of beautiful downtown Skokie! She calls herself ACTION CAT .The male Action Cat calls her Adorable Cat. She knows AC likes her and she flirts back. This drives her partner Shelly crazy. Her secret identity is Alice the Delivery girl. She delivers comics every Wednesday to AW YEAH COMICS!. She’s friends with Hammond but doesn’t know any of the others secret ID’s. Although, she may be suspicious of Cornelius being Action Cat. Created by Audrey Baltazar

SHELLY (SHAGA-LAGA-SHOO-SHOO): she’s a species of space shrimp called The Shaga-Laga-Shoo-Shoo. She has a connection (related somehow) to the evil Marquaid. They are both outer space sea creatures. She glows on fire whenever a family member (from space) visits or…”INVADES” Earth.  She has an Uncle Steve, who is a Giant Radioactive Space Slug. She is partners with Action Cat (female). She flies and has super strength just like the others. She’s mysterious indeed. She knows Adventure Bug doesn’t like her…and she’s okay with that. She finds him silly and annoying and likes to tease him, too. Created by Art Baltazar

DARING DOG: Part of the dynamic duo known as the DARING DOGS! No powers. Rely on gadgets and ropes and stuff to fight crime. Very much like Batman and Robin. Daring Dog is the goofy one. Stumbling upon things and winning by accident lots of times. Created by Art Baltazar and Marc Hammond. Developed by Denver Brubaker and Kurt Wood

DARLING DOG: Part of the dynamic duo known as the DARING DOGS! No powers. Rely on gadgets and ropes and stuff to fight crime. BUT! She is the smart one. She uses her intelligence to solve crime while Daring is making a mess of things. She saves the day but doesn’t always get the credit. Created by Art Baltazar and Marc Hammond. Developed by Denver Brubaker and Kurt Wood


AMAZING MOUSE: Lives in the mouse-hole at AYC. Fights crime at night in the back alley/streets of BDS. Has no powers, but uses an Amazing Mouse Mobile, a utility-belt (filled with small things like paper clips, thumb tacks, marbles…etc), a pair of goggles and plenty of wit to fight crime. Adventures and rougues gallery separate from Action Cat. Created by Art Baltazar, Franco and Chris Smits

Golly-G:  Along for the ride as always, is Spot’s trusted friend and robotic co-pilot, Golly-G!  G, as he is referred to, can fix just about anything and often helps Spotescape some sticky situations.  His dream is to one day become a REAL BOY! Created by Franco and Scoot McMahon

PHANTOM LEMUR Created by Art Baltazar & Franco

NIMBUS Created by Art Baltazar & Franco

SAMI the SAMURAI SQUIRREL: When her homeland was destroyed by EVIL FORCES, Sami found salvation in the village of Woodbriar (located in a forest just outside Beautiful Downtown Skokie). She has no powers, but uses her samurai sword and martial arts training to defeat enemies. With her sword at her side and her friends at her back, no foe in the Aw Yeah Universe is a match for this cunning warrior! Created by Scoot McMahon

Spot: Spot is the daring dalmatian you call when you need help finding something in the vast reaches of outer space. He’s the best tracker in the business (as long as you’re willing to pay his fee).  In this line of work, Spot has made many enemies and few friends.  Those who know him best, can count on their pal Spotto win in the end! Created by Franco and Scoot McMahon

SUPER PIE: the official super hero of Sweetie Pies (the pie place of Skokie). Created by Marc Hammond and Scoot McMahon

WONDER WAFFEL: whenever this character shows up, it’s a drawing by Gordy. He has Batter Beams and all kinds of waffle/pancake/breakfast  powers. He’s friends with Sunny. Created by Gordon Baltazar

PRINCESS MATILDA: she’s the princess of the deep sea and LOVES Action Cat! She comes from a species that grows larger from love. She likes to give kisses and she is somehow related to the evil Marquaid. It’s true. Created by Art Baltazar

TREE GUY: I’m not sure what the Tree Guy does. Created by Art Baltazar

GALAXION CAT: WHAT?! Meet the Action Cat from Galaxy Sector 4! He’s a space adventurer like Flash Gordon but…a cat. Created by Gordon Baltazar


GOLDEN AGE ACTION CAT: the original Action Cat of Beautiful Downtown Skokie. Created by Art Baltazar & Franco

EXCELLENT BUG: Partners with Golden Age AC. Created by Art Baltazar & Chris Smits.

ABRAHAM LINKAGE: Created by Art Baltazar

AGENT L’ORANGE: Created by Art Baltazar and Chris Smits

AGENT DOVEKI: Created by Art Baltazar and Chris Smits


EVIL CAT : the most evil cat in the universe. Wants to destroy Action Cat’s day. Doesn’t have powers but his evil mind makes up for it. Invents gadgets for evil. Wants to take over the world…starting with Skokie!  Created by Art Baltazar and Franco

REACTION CAT: does everything opposite of what Action Cat does. If AC builds it, RC wrecks it. If AC opens it, RC closes it. And so on. Not really evil….but an annoying pest…wll to AC anyway. RC eventually will turn into OVERreation Cat in the future. Created by Art Baltazar and Marc Hammond

POLAR CYCLE: He was once a Russian circus bear performer now retired and was a big huge fan of Action Cat and Adventure Bug until one day when he got to meet them and they had a special can of snow flakes given to them by Santa.  Polar Cycle opened this can against their wishes and it turned him into…. Nothing…nothing happened BUT Polar Cycle insists something did happen and is now intent upon making our heroes lives miserable. He created his cycle and now reeks mayhem. Created by Franco

THE QUAIDIANS: Created by Art Baltazar

EVIL BUG: Created by Art Baltazar and Chris Smits

EVIL BOSS CHICK: Created by Art Baltazar and Franco and Chris Smits

BAD EGGS: Created by Art Baltazar and Franco and Chris Smits

MARQUAID: there are many “marquaids” in BDS. (beautiful Downtown Skokie)  Created by Art Baltazar

SOUTH PAWS: He is a boxer. He’s ambidextrous he can use any hand- no real superpowers- he likes to fight and real good at bunching.  He can beat Action Cat by getting in his punches a lot of them at once.  Details of background are open for stories by people.  We are toying with the idea that at some point he gets some super boxing gloves that could but him higher in the super villain category.  As far as background and why he is a bad guy. Created by Art Baltazar

CELL-PHONE-GUY: He was the store mascot of the Cell Phone store before Hammond purchased and made it a comic store. He knows he will be out dated soon soon so he injected himself with a malware software that turned him evil! Created by Franco

ZOMBIE CAT: No one knows how he became a zombie.  For all purposes he is a zombie but not in the usual eats brains sense. He eats dead things like dead trees and mud and sticks and stuff. Created by Nicolas Aureliani and Franco

BOOM-A-DOOM: Created by Chris Smits

GHOST BUG: Created by Art Baltazar

FRANKEN BUG: He is Ghost bugs cousin.  He was created from many different parts of different bugs.  He can access those different parts for using different powers.  He never talks and he almost never acts or gets involved in anything. But when he does his actions speak louder than anyone else’s words. Created by Franco

MAL-LYNX: Evil villain from Germany. Kind of like Nosferatu. Creepy and dark.
In the Golden age he was a physical flesh and blood being. In the modern age he is a mystical ghost phantom type creature.  He floats and flies and was once the archenemy of Golden Age Action cat.  He is responsible for Golden Action Cat being frozen in that glacier in the CAC cross over. Created by Chris Smits and Franco

CRAFTY BEAVER: Is just a video game construct.  However, he recently became real live flesh and bone when he was shockingly brought to life by Cell Phone Guy one night when he tries to escape from prison and was struck by lightning. Crafty Beaver has no other motivation that to build stuff and be evil like in his game but now that he is alive anything can happen to make the character more crafty…and more beavery. Created by Franco

PROFESSOR SAVI:  Evil villain from France. Mad scientist.  Created by Chris Smits and Franco

RADIACTIVE SPACE SLUG (UNCLE STEVE): related to Shelly. Steve is also the villain of Meteor Mite (coming soon). Uncle Steve is a crossover villain connecting MM to the AYC world. Aw Yeah same Universe!  Created by Art Baltazar


EEZ-EL (aka Coffee Cat): he’s just like Huggie Bear from Starsky and Hutch. He’s like a street informant. Knows everything going on in BDS. Drinks coffee, dances, makes pottery and owns an art gallery. Created by Art Baltazar

TYSON BISON: owns hot wing restaurant. Dates Eggs Diamond. Created by Jimmy “the Muscle” Farano and Scoot McMahon

EGGS DIAMOND: owns beauty shop. Dates Tyson Bison. Created by Jimmy “the Muscle” Farano and Scoot McMahon

RICKY OON: karate instructor. Created by Jimmy “the Muscle” Farano and Scoot McMahon

ANTI- GRAVITY BEAR: she floats. She flies. She’s really happy. She has a balloon string! If you let go of her string, she will fly away forever. Up and Up all the way to space possibly. Created by Audrey Baltazar

NUCLEAR PLANT: he’s an angry little plant. He doesn’t really talk. He just growls with disgust and frustration. He’s a background character and is friends with Anti-Gravity Bear. Created by Art Baltazar

DELEPHANTE: He’s an elephant wants to cuddle. He sleeps in the clouds and wears boots. He also thinks Awesome Bear is a giant teddy bear. Eventually he teams up with Hammond for a “solo” mission to find the Goojie-Nana. Future 4 issue mini-series. Much like Finding Bigfoot. Created by Art Baltazar

SUNNY: Giant dancing pancake. Nuff said. Created by Art Baltazar

RANDY THE PIZZA GATOR: Pizza delivery guy from Village Inn Pizza. When they order…Randy delivers. Created by Franco

BLOOPY: an alien who sometimes meets Anti-Gravity Bear. Created by Gordon Baltazar

CHUI: she’s a tiny little old lady who sells churros from her churro cart. She wears chewbacca’s bandolier strap and crossbow. She speaks with wookiee growls and is always happy. Created by Art Baltazar and Scoot McMahon

CHURRO: he’s a little guy who hangs out with Chui. Kind of like a pet/sidekick. He’s also a churro. Created by Gordon Baltazar


BEAUTIFUL DOWNTOWN SKOKIE (BDS): This is here our adventures take place. It’s the home base of AW YEAH COMICS comic shop. It’s our central location for all story lines.If aliens invade its…”Suddenly ALIENS invade Beautiful Downtown Skokie!” or “Beautiful Downtown Skokie is under ATTACK!” or “Meanwhile, in Beautiful Downtown Skokie…” dig?

THE GOOJIE-NANA: Mysterious and magical and mystical. Very much like our sasquatch. People have seen it but Goojie-Nana disappears like Batman. Now you see it, now you don’t. Once you lock eyes, the GN will vibrate slightly to avoid a capturing a photo in focus.  The Goojie-Nana’s body is never seen. Only seen poking it’s head out of bushes or around corners. Most people catch only a glimpse out of the corner of their eye. Created by Audrey Baltazar

RHUMBL RUBY ROCK: this mysterious rock is the source of Awesome Bear’s powers! There is a theory that the rock came from a chunk of a much larger asteroid. The Rhumbl Ruby Rock’s Power is also linked to The Phantom Lemur. Created by Art Baltazar and Marc Hammond